Zaneta Gelevska Veljanovska – Zani

Zani graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art Skopje, Macedonia in 1989. She participated in numerous exhibitions in her native Macedonia, involving herself in various art related projects. Her work has reached over 15 countries worldwide and is in many private and public collections.
In 1999 Zani was invited to exhibit at the prestigious Blains Fine Art Gallery in Mayfair, London and soon after that she relocated to England, where she is now operating as a full time freelance artist.
Zani is always experimenting and her paintings are a unique blend achieved by combining acrylic and mixed media and a range of unusual materials.
The work is often based on the relationship between public and private space, memories of the past and visions of the future.
Zani is fast becoming a sought after talent in the world of contemporary art and exhibits her work during the year in a number of galleries in London and throughout the UK.


10/12/2015 Skopje (MK) National Gallery, Cifte Amam
08/05/2015 Sofia (BG) National Gallery
2015 Paris (FR) Care D’ Artistes
2014 Skopje (MK) NLB Tutunska Banka Gallery (Kiss me I might not wake up)
2013 Paris (FR) Care D’ Artistes
2013 Nagykanizsa (H) Kanizsai Kulturalis Kozpont
2012 Paris (FR) Care D’ Artistes
2012 Szeged (H) Grand, Caffe 2012
2012 London, Europe House (UK) 12 Star Gallery
2011 Skopje (MK) Gallery OKO
2011 Skopje (MK) Gallery WMC
2010 London (UK) GX Gallery
2009 Aix en Provence (FR) Carre D’Artistes
2009 Bath (UK) Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries
2008 London (UK) Opal Gallery
2008 Skopje (MK) Cultural Informativ Centre
2007 London (UK) GX Gallery
2007 Bath (UK) Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries
2006 London (UK) GX Gallery
2006 London (UK) Macedonian Embassy
2005 London (UK) Croydon Clocktower
2004 London (UK) Sun Lounge, Fairfield Halls
2000 Bitola (MK) The Art Gallery
1996 Skopje (MK) Skopje City Museum
1993 Strumica (MK) Cultural Centre
1992 Skopje (MK) Daut Pasha’s Amam Art Gallery
1992 Veles (MK) City Art Gallery
1992 Ohrid (MK) The Urania House Gallery
1991 Kumanovo (MK) Art Gallery of Modern Arts
1990 Mostar (B&H) The Theatre Club Gallery
1990 Sisak (CRO) The Glass Gallery1989 Skopje (MK) Art Kompas-Gallery




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