We made your ion dining table so strong, attractive and of captivating beauty that it cannot help but serve as the centerpiece of your home. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by family and friends that anchors relationships and energizes.

Day after day, for years to come the table will stand as the silent witness of your life absorbing the memories as its signs of aging, and they will eventually elevate it beyond a piece of furniture into a companion.

Standing next to a Monozero table you somehow feel the effort, dedication and love that has gone into its creation and you are completely drawn into its beauty and cannot resist but touch it. And then you feel that the timber still has the life of the tree in it, preserved for many generations to come. Every element of Monozero – the design, the feel, the finish and general aesthetics is consistent with the way we feel furniture should be: simple, unpretentious and natural.

Behind Monozero there is no corporation, this very text was not written by random marketing copywriters, but by the same small dedicated team of artisans that created your table. Celebrate Life on your new table.

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