Konstantin Kacev

Konstantin Kacev is born in Taschent (Russia) in 1967 where he lived till 1983 year.

He continued his secondary education in Skopje till 1986, and in 1995 he graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje at the department of painting, conservation and restoration.

For many years he had worked at the Republic’s Department of Culture and Conservation specializing in protection of monuments as a freelance wall painting conservator.

Since 1999 he has moved in his studio and participates in many exhibitions across Macedonia and several independent exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, New York ……………..

He lives and work in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


– Macedonia – Skopje – 2003 year MFAA

– USA – New York – “Gallery MC” – 2005 year – November ( independent exhibition )
– France – Paris – “Cite internationale des Art” – 2005 year – December
( independent exhibition )
– Macedonia – Skopje – “Museum of Contemporary Art” – March 2006 year MFAA
– Macedonia – Skopje – National gallery of Macedonia, Multimedia centre
– “Mala Stanica” – May 2006 year ( independent exhibition )

– Paris, France 2010 Grand Palais (Art en Capital group exibition), Bronze medal;

-Berlin, Germany, Prima Center independant exibition 2011

-Paris, France 2011 Grand Palais (Art en Capital group exibition), Silver medal;

-City Museum 2012, group exibition (Award “Dimitar Kondovski”)

-Grand Palais, ART EN CAPITAL 2012, Paris, Golden Medal Award;

-New York exhibition, MC Gallery 2013

-Grand Palais, Paris 2013. Art en Capital Exibition

-Sofia, St Climent University Exhibition 2014










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